About Me

I am a full time employee at the University of Pennsylvania as the Senior Associate Art Director for Development Marketing and Communications. Its a wonderful position where I have the privilege of working with a dedicated group of creative individuals who inspire me every day. I studied design at Kent State University and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Art History. My design education included a workshop with famed Illustrator Steven Stipelman at Parsons School of Design at The New School and an internship at Lilly Pulitzer.

In my spare time I occassionally take on a few freelance projects. I have been lucky to work with some amazing clients who have allowed me to be a part of their work and lives. It has been an honor to play a small role in their success stories.

WEB DESIGN is a constant force of change. Almost all of my projects have some web element to them, so I am constantly working on the web and learning new ways to do things. My formal background is in design; however, I have a deep love for the problem solving and puzzle aspects of web development and am well versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. I have also worked with a variety of CMS platforms. Past web design/development projects represent event websites intended to generate registration, contests, academic research, wedding sites, blogs, broadcast emails, holiday and birthday cards.

LOGO DEVELOPMENT/MARKETING Brand identity and logo development are key components of my current position at Penn. A strong and cohesive visual identity can extend your reach and provide instant recognition for your brand and serves as a powerful marketing tool. I take a lot of pride in my ability to identify priorities through visual communication and marketing to achieve and surpass goals.

INFOGRAPHICS Recently I have been doing a lot of infographics. They are a fresh and efficient way to get a message across and offer layout diversity from copy and photography.

MOTION GRAPHICS / ANIMATION I've recently fallen in love with motion graphics and animation, utlizing them in the right way is really eye-catching and can make other mediums stand out. Animated infographics can really punch up a video that might have otherwise just been your run of the mill talking head.

PRINT / INVITATIONS A really strong printed piece is irreplaceable. Regardless of the wonderful things we can do online, there is something really tactile and personal about a printed piece. I have an enormous amount of experience in print work as well as production, from full scale books and case statements to newsletters, brochures, collateral materials and invitations. A creative invitation or publication, print or electronic, is an invaluable tool and can have an enormous impact on driving event attendance or increasing awareness about a product.